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By kglegacyadmin October 15, 2020

There’s nothing more frustrating for a seller than to expect to close escrow on a specific date, only to be told that a lender delay is pushing the date further out. It’s especially frustrating if that “further out” date is yet to be determined. But what causes closing delays and what can we do to help get things moving again?

Unfortunately, lender delays are very common, especially during a pandemic and navigating your way through that.

Luckily, we are within our rights to ask lenders for detailed lists of exactly what they need from the buyers, and what they are waiting on as well.

Once provided, we can evaluate the nature of the items needed and can decide whether it makes sense to stick with the current buyer or whether you’d be better off trying to find a different buyer.

We feel so blessed that we were able to get Roy and Kristi to the closing table after many months of uncertainty and questions. They remained cool and calm throughout the whole process and we value them deeply!

Congrats to them and we wish them all the best!



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