1902 Honour Road

By kglegacyadmin July 27, 2020

Whether you’re a first-time seller or you’ve done it a million times, the real estate closing process is always complex. There are a lot of parties involved, including the buyer, the buyer’s real estate agent, lenders, an escrow company, a title company, and sometimes a real estate attorney.

Luckily, when you accept a cash offer on a house, the selling process is a bit simpler, there are fewer parties involved, there is a bit less paperwork, the timeline can be expedited, and the risk of the deal falling through can be lower.

Because a lender isn’t involved, the closing time for cash purchases can be shorter. Once you’re under contract, a cash sale can close in as few as two weeks! How awesome is that?!

We are so VERY thrilled and happy for Pankaj and his family, on a smooth and successful closing for his property with the perfect cash buyer. It was an honor to work with him, and hope we can work together again in the future.

Join me in congratulating him on his sale!


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